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NutBurg Original

The first favorite! This original recipe, unchanged in over 20 years. It still proves to be a winner with all age groups and tatses. Nuts, nuts and more nuts, vegetables and herbs give this full quarter pounder an outstanding flavour and texture. The NutBurg stays a full quarter pound right to your plate too!

NutBurg Chilli

The Original burger with the red flecks of Chilli flakes that forewarn of what's to come! A good heat that compliments the overall taste experience well. We'd love to say "Not for the faint hearted" but that wouldn't be fair... or true! Have a large drink handy!

NutBurg Curry

An original, with a dash of mixed Curry spices, not too hot, just a gentle heat. A true favorite and conceived simply from popular demand and customer feedback! Try with Mango Chutney.

NutBurg Sun Dried Tomato

The recipe has defined texture and a slightly sweet flavour of rich, Sun dried Tomato pieces complimenting an already tasty burger. The pieces of Sun Dried Tomato give the burgers a good colour contrast too. "Sunshine in a bun!"