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A little about us.

Now approaching our 30th year, we have been supplying the restaurant trade with very high quality food that has had immense popularity over the years, particularly our "NutBurg" Vegetarian burger range.

Aimed originally and specifically at the Vegetarian market, the NutBurg burger range is GMO Free, very healthy, Vegetarian Society approved and uses only Natural flavours and ingredients. As time passed by, it became apparent that not just Vegetarian's had favoured our burgers, but pretty much anyone who tries them!

On offer are four variants and unlike other burgers, ours are very tasty, thick, flavoursome and healthy, but then we would say that wouldn't we?....

Based in Norfolk, we have and will continue to use local ingredients and suppliers, that said, we also work nationally through a distributor network and yet still work true to our founding principles.

Always listening to customer feedback and keeping abreast of the consumer market demands, has led to us having a wide spectrum of regular customers from individuals to restaurant chains.

Please feel free to view our products page and do contact us if you have any questions or comments.